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Our Winter Spa Escape

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The Unique Benefits of our Spa Capsule

Warm up, rejuvenate, de-stress,and relax in the warmth of our spa capsule. Enjoy a body exfoliation, spa facial, hair and scalp treatment in a safe comfortable environment.


The unique therapeutic benefits of the NeoQi Spa Capsule.

The invisible life energy Qi (pronounced Chi) flows through everything in life.

When this energy is flowing freely it makes you feel vibrant and you stay fit and healthy; mentally and physically. You feel invigorated every moment of life. If, however, the energy becomes stagnant or blocked, or erratic and undisciplined (through bad lifestyle or weakness of an organ) you will most likely fall ill. Blocked or inhibited Qi causes dysfunction in the organ systems of the body.

Therapeutic treatments using the NeoQi Energy Cocoon can help you to replenish and free the circulation of Qi, boosting your health and energy. Each session produces sensations and feelings of well-being, relaxation and calmness. Mental fitness is improved through the reduction of stress. The NeoQi cocoon provides a unique sensation, which you can experience in a safe, private, comfortable and calming environment.