Ella Baché Rye Beach Salon & Spa

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Waxing Specials 

At  Ella Baché Rye Beach we are specialists in both female and male waxing. 

We use the superior Ella Baché White Vanilla Wax that is especially formulated for sensitive areas of female waxing: underarm, face, eyebrows and bikini waxing, including Brazillians.

Your skin will feel soft and smooth for weeks.

Waxing Tips

For your first wax, ensure you have not shaved for 2 weeks and refrain from using a moisturiser before your waxing treatment.

We apply anti -bacterial lotion after your wax and provide all the aftercare advice you need.

We recommend that you use a loofah and Ella Baché's Intensive Balancing Lotion or Creme Intex No 2 every morning after your shower to avoid ingrown hairs.

We have a range of waxing loyalty cards to reward you with half price and free treatments.